kodaikanal Fairy Falls Kodaikanal


kodaikanal Fairy Falls Kodaikanal

Fairy Falls is the part of Pambar River, which joins the Vaigai River at the foot. It is also within the civic limitations. It is a good picnic place just around 5 km from Kodaikanal Lake. You can see a beautiful waterfall present. It is the overflow of the rural community reservoir flowing south to form the taking fairy falls. The crystalline waters that fill the basin at the foot of the Fairy falls are frequently traveled to by tourists for bathing during kodaikanal travel. Fairy falls has grown out to be an indivisible part of community of Kodaikanal as a fascinating spot for picnic. It has also grown known amongst Kodaikanal visitors for its crystal clear waters. Fairy falls is located around 5 kms from Kodai Lake. Swimming at the foot of the falls will makes you refreshed and renewed.

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